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Membership Investment Levels

NOTICE: All new members MUST join at the Active/Voting Membership Level unless another person within your company is already an Active/Voting Member. Affiliate membership levels are only available to additional members within the same company or organization. All other requirements of affiliate memberships also apply as stated below. Should you join at a lower level and it is determined that you do not meet the criteria, your membership will automatically be upgraded to the appropriate level at the cost noted below. This requirement does not apply to government/regulatory or educator/student membership levels. If you are uncertain about which membership level to choose, please email or call (512) 476-9901 for assistance.

Note: All new members will be presented to the Board of Directors at the next scheduled meeting for formal approval. Benefits will be extended in the meantime. Should a membership not be approved, said member will be notified before benefits are terminated.

Active/Voting Membership Level

$690 / year

Any individual associated with a business, firm, corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, individual professional or other legal business entity which is involved in the affordable housing industry or provides services, supplies or equipment for the affordable housing industry and is directly interested in its welfare, complies with TAAHP Bylaws, pays current dues, and meets required membership qualifications, is eligible for active membership in TAAHP, is entitled to vote, eligible for service on the Board of Directors and all committees and working groups following appointment.

  • Affiliate Membership Levels

    The following Affiliate memberships are not entitled to vote nor hold elected office in TAAHP, but may serve on committees and participate with working groups at the discretion of the Board of Directors. They are eligible for membership benefits and services after complying with Board of Directors' approved requirements.
    • Level 2 (non-voting): $350 / year
      Must have a primary Active/Voting member to purchase this level
    • Level 3 (non-voting): $240 / year
      Must have a primary Active/Voting Membership and Level 2 to purchase this level

Other Membership Levels

The following membership levels are not entitled to vote nor hold elected office in TAAHP, but may serve on committees and participate with working groups at the discretion of the Board of Directors (unless otherwise noted). Members at the following levels are eligible for membership benefits and services after complying with Board of Directors' approved requirements.

    • Government/Regulatory (non-voting): $180 / year
      Any individual associated with a government and/or regulatory agency may join at this level.
    • Educator/Student (non-voting): $60 / year
      Student members are not eligible to serve on committees.

Note: TAAHP does not currently offer corporate membership levels. Members join individually and member benefits are extended to the individual member.


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TAAHP awards scholarships to recognize high school seniors and technical school or college students who actively reside in registered eligible affordable housing properties to provide financial assistance to student residents attaining their educational and career goals.

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TAAHP is a trade association composed of Active and Affiliate memberships. Active memberships include one vote belonging to the member company representative and officially established as a voting designee. Affiliate members are non-voting members.

TAAHP is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and security of the personal information you provide. Your application affords permission for TAAHP staff to add you to Email distribution lists for the sole purpose of communications relative to benefits of your membership.

Federal Income Tax Notice: Membership Investments are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes, however, investments are deductible by members as ordinary business expense. A portion of investments are not deductible as an ordinary business expense to the extent TAAHP engages in lobbying. Please note that 0% of the funds from your membership dues are nondeductible because of lobbying activities.

Founded in 1997, the Texas Affiliation of Affordable Housing Providers (TAAHP) is a non-profit trade association serving as the primary advocate and leading resource for the affordable housing industry in Texas. Our vision is to inspire and engage our members and stakeholders to end the affordable housing crisis in Texas.

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